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REF. 22

Berlin,Md. Nov 29,1869

To the President & Directors of the Chesapeake & Ohio Co. I want your honorable body to grant to me the privilege in right of the water at the Berlin lock for the purpose of applying it to any power that I may see fit. viz: The manufacturing of flour meal, plaster, fertilizers an anything that may not operate to the injury of the canal.

In order to get the water it will be

necessary to erect a trunk from the flue at right angles which I purpose doing this winter when the company puts in their tail race on flue.

The water asked for will not be lost to the canal as it

will only pop over a turning turbine wheel which will set in the trunk or tail race that will be boxed up out of good solid lumber. If the grant is given one for a fair consideration I will make some improvements next summer which will add to appearance of things about the lock.

I shall build on my own property and not the canal

as I own the lot laying next to the water on canal. Respectfully Yours Charles F. Wenner