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11 May 2024

  • 21:5821:58, 11 May 2024 diff hist +553 N File:Diamond Jubilee Faces in crowd.jpegJudging from the old-time bowtie on the man to the far left, this photo was taken following the Diamond Jubilee parade in September, 1965. Kevin Gordon can be seen carrying the flag in his Cub Scout uniform. On the far left were Lory and Mildred See. Standing in the striped short sleeved shirt and hat was Leslie Harrison. Behind him in the coat, tie and hat was Henry Holder. (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) [[Cat... current
  • 19:2519:25, 11 May 2024 diff hist +749 N File:Girl's State 1969.jpeg970 BHS Girl's State representatives: Front row: Sandy Sutcliffe, Vicki Hawes, Lori Price, Virginia Phillips Second row: Mr. Wayne Carter (faculty sponsor), Joyce Hortman, Brenda Murphy, Melinda Harwood, Mr. James T. Hess (Principal) The caption on the yearbook page read: “Junior girls and boys who have achieved above average grades and participated in extracurricular activities have the chance to attend Girls and Boys State following their junior year. Various community groups chose one or... current
  • 19:2219:22, 11 May 2024 diff hist +448 N File:East End School Protest.jpgHere's a mysterious early 20th Century photo of students outside the old East End School, which was built in the 1890s. What could the students have been protesting? The need for a new or larger school? We think the photo dates to 1920 because how could the children have known the number of 1920 voters in 1901--see the 3rd sign? (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) Category:Smoketown Schools current
  • 19:1019:10, 11 May 2024 diff hist +428 N File:Hood Sisters.jpgSisters Georgia and Lavinia Hood in a beautiful 1898 portrait. The Hood sisters grew up to become beloved grade school teachers at the old West End and Brunswick Elementary Schools for at least 2 generations. Chris Weitzel In Brunswick everybody treated the Hood sisters like family and also sort of like royalty. (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) Category:Smoketown Kids current
  • 19:0419:04, 11 May 2024 diff hist +775 N File:Patsy Cline Bill Peer and the Melody Boys Apple Blossom Festival.jpgApril 29, 1955: Patsy Cline makes her first appearance along with Bill Peer and His Melody Boys in the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Parade in Winchester. Doris Kelley Barker I loved her singing. When I was a child, they ran a B&O train from Brunswick to Winchester so that all of us (my family) would ride it to the Apple Blossom parade. Mae Long and Phyllis, mother and I would do some shopping in the downtown stores and then see that magnificent parade. The last time we saw it, Bing Cros... current
  • 18:5418:54, 11 May 2024 diff hist +756 N File:Boys State 1968.jpgBoys Staters from the 1967-68 school year. Boys and Girls State are summer leadership and citizenship programs for high school juniors. They focus on exploring the mechanics of American government and politics, and still exist today. Pictured here with faculty sponsor Mr. Wayne Carter (bottom left) are: First row - Brent Virts, Doug Campbell, Joe Gideon, Kent Anders, Ken Gilbert, Dan Shewbridge Second row - Jim Phillips, Pat Webber The group were partially sponsored by Steadman-Keenan Ame... current
  • 18:5118:51, 11 May 2024 diff hist +474 N File:BHS Band Elkton.jpgHere's an old BHS band photo from a long time ago. Thanks to the research of Guy Fletcher and Anna Berry Selby, this photo was taken in front of the World War I monument outside of the old courthouse in Elkton, MD. The statue was moved in 1941 when a new courthouse was built. Judging from the suits on the adults, we believe the photo dates to the 1930s. (Clipping courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) Category:Smoketown Music current
  • 18:4618:46, 11 May 2024 diff hist +982 File:Thumbnail-6.jpgNo edit summary current
  • 18:4218:42, 11 May 2024 diff hist 0 N File:Thumbnail-6.jpgNo edit summary
  • 18:4018:40, 11 May 2024 diff hist +1,026 N File:Howard Marvin Jones Family.jpgThis is a family photo of the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Brunswick businessman and trial magistrate Howard Marvin Jones, and his wife Mabel, at their home in Petersville in 1947. The couple's Colonial Revival Style home, constructed in an American Foursquare plan between 1914 and 1920, stands majestically behind them. All those gathered in the photo were the first and second generations of the Jones' marriage. Their daughter Marjorie Jones Smith was standing behind the children... current
  • 18:3518:35, 11 May 2024 diff hist +1,793 N File:Funk Family 1915.jpgThis extended Funk family photo was taken on July 4, 1910, in front of the home of family patriarch Veniah Benjamin Funk at 118 First Avenue. V.B. Funk played Uncle Sam in the Brunswick Fourth of July parade. Front row (L-R): Harry Macabee, John Benjamin Funk, Eva Viola Irene Funk on the lap of her father Harry Benjamin Funk, Raymond Demory Funk, James Arthur Funk, Veniah Benjamin Funk, Helen Gutkais, Esther Gutkais, Georgeann Sophia Funk, Edna Funk, Mary Funk, May Funk, Edward Dixon Funk, R... current
  • 18:2618:26, 11 May 2024 diff hist +535 N File:East End School B&O Magazine.jpgAn old news clipping showing students in a classroom at the old East Brunswick School. Based on the ages of some, the photo likely dates to circa 1925. The "Our Little Railroaders" and "Whistling Post" pages were written by students at East and West Brunswick schools, and published in Baltimore and Ohio's monthly magazines. The Little Railroaders were active in writing poems and short stories for the magazine. (Clipping courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) [[Categ... current
  • 18:1318:13, 11 May 2024 diff hist +384 N File:East End School Tom Thumb Wedding.jpgA photo of what could either have been a "Tom Thumb Wedding", which was popular at the time, or a first communion group photo on the steps of the old East End School. Here's some history on Tom Thumb weddings: (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) Category:Smoketown Kids current
  • 18:0718:07, 11 May 2024 diff hist +328 N File:Summers Wedding.pngBernice and Gene Summers on their wedding day in 1970. Mr. Summers was a bus driver, who died tragically in 1972 when a bus he was repairing fell on him. (From the Myer Kaplon Photo Collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category:Smoketown Parades and Celebrations current
  • 17:5417:54, 11 May 2024 diff hist +902 N File:Brunswick Seminary Student Photo.jpgClass photo taken from a Kaplon's window display. This appears to have been the Brunswick Seminary headed by Professor Shenk. Maybe the Kaplon children attended this school? Doris Kelley Barker Would this have been the large house that the Greenfields’ reared their large family in and I think Pat still lives in that lovely old house & it had been a seminary at one time? Nancy Merchant Langley Patsy actually built a couple of rancher's on the property with the big house. Patsy moved into the... current
  • 17:3817:38, 11 May 2024 diff hist +650 N File:Segregated School 37 W. I Street.pngLike many other cities and towns in the United States, Brunswick had a segregated school for black elementary school students before the Supreme Court ordered the integration of public schools in 1954. In the late 19th century, classes were reportedly held in a corn crib on the Wenner farm. Later, this house at 37 West I St. was rented to accommodate 41 students. A record from May 7th, 1901, described the house as a "frame house in tolerable condition". (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunsw... current
  • 17:3017:30, 11 May 2024 diff hist +1,541 N File:Jefferson Elementary School.pngThe old Jefferson Elementary School sat boarded up for several years after it closed in the late 1960s following the opening of the Valley Elementary School, which also led to the closure of the Burkittsville school. The old schoolhouse was razed in 1980 to make way for a branch of the Bank of Brunswick, which opened in 1982. It it is now the site of Dunkin' Donuts on the corner of Lander Road and the Jefferson Pike. Shirley Moser Barker There's the Christmas tree. Pam Green Went there grad... current
  • 17:1417:14, 11 May 2024 diff hist +792 N File:Burkittsville-elementary-school-1918 orig.jpegBurkittsville Elementary School was rebuilt on the same location after a 1918 fire destroyed its short-lived predecessor. A flat roof was built over the school and decorative brick parapets added to the tops of the brick walls. After the school closed in 1968, the building was purchased by the Burkittsville Ruritan Club where meetings continue today. Annual Ruritan carnivals are held on the grounds. Debbie Zecher I went to school there.My teachers were Anna Betty Weedy first and second grade... current
  • 17:0917:09, 11 May 2024 diff hist +612 N File:Burkittsville-elementary-school-1914-1918 orig.jpgIn 1914, following a successful campaign by the residents of Burkittsville, a new school was built. The brick school was comprised of three classrooms and an auditorium on the main floor, which was later converted to a cafeteria. Two gymnasiums were built below, one for boys and the other for girls. This school only existed for a short time as it was destroyed by fire in 1918, leaving only the brick walls standing. A new school was built in its place and remained operational until 1968. (Ph... current

31 March 2024

  • 20:1620:16, 31 March 2024 diff hist +214 N File:B&O Safety First.jpg"Safety First" was a longtime motto of the B&O Railroad. Here's the cover of a B&O Employees Magazine from August 1913. (B&O Museum image courtesy of David McIntosh) Category: Smoketown Railroad current
  • 20:1320:13, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,532 N File:John B. Funk Family 1947.jpgThe John B. Funk family poses in front of the family home at 13 East A Street, circa 1947. The finely crafted Victorian house was built by Mr. Funk's father Harry in 1905. From left are 1st wife Doris, who passed away in 1953, John Funk, Anne, William and Demory. John B. Funk had a long career as a public servant, a term he asked his family to chisel on his tombstone. A 1922 graduate of Brunswick High School, he was Brunswick City Engineer for years overseeing historic building projects in... current
  • 20:1120:11, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,861 N File:Mammy Belle Crummel.jpg"Mammy Belle" Crummel was a liberated former slave who worked in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Slicer Hedges on 115 E. Potomac Street. As she was still listed as a servant in Eichelberger household in Martinsburg in 1910, she lived with the Hedges family for less than 5 years. Mrs. Hedges was formerly an Eichelberger, whose family operated a newspaper in Martinsburg. "Mammy Belle's" back story is fascinating, according to this research: Robert Daniel Jr. (or Daniels) 1784-1866 was a miller... current
  • 20:0820:08, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,490 N File:Methodist Youth Fellowship c 1943-44.jpgNoted on the back of this photo was "MYF Youth Hike c. 1943-44". The acronym of the group stood for Methodist Youth Fellowship. The children and adults were identified as: Front row (L-R): B. Langley, J. Burgee, M. Taylor, S. Jones, A. Funk, M. Leftwich Middle Row (L-R): D. Stewart, L. Trott, Leftwich, Funk, C. Leftwich, B. Kidwell, C. Frye, L. Griffith Standing (L-R): Rev. Trott, ?, Carlos Myers, Elwood Wineholt Guess at the location are: Jacquelyn Ebersole This could have been Manidok... current
  • 20:0320:03, 31 March 2024 diff hist +665 N File:Girl group posing 1940s.jpgWe're unsure of the occasion, but some of the girls have been identified as: Top Row: Marcella Gladstone, Susanne Gordon, Anne Funk, Beverly Langley, ?, Middle Row: Peggy Langley, Kate Gladstone, Shirley Kneisley?, ? Insley, ?Frye First row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Mary Louise Bratt Terry Heffner My Great Aunt Kate… good memories.. she was ahead of time.. a very independent woman.. miss having conversations with here.. 🥲. Marcella was my Dad’s cousin, wonderful woman… friends with all her daughters.... current
  • 19:3419:34, 31 March 2024 diff hist +335 N File:Boys at Pool 1940s.jpgSome Brunswick boys having fun in 1940 near the swimming pool. they were identified as Buddy Kidwell, Bill Weller, Floyd Smith, Wayne Barker, Johnny Lovelace, Palmer, Jim Welty. (Photo courtesy of Mindy Niles from the Duane Smith Collection and the City of Brunswick MD History Commission) Category: Smoketown Kids current
  • 19:3119:31, 31 March 2024 diff hist +602 N File:Rosemont Schauffer House.pngPlowing a path with an International Harvester Cub Cadet snowblower on a snow day at the Schnaufer house on Rosemont. The driver looks to have been Scott Stauffer. Scott W Stauffer That looks like it could be me. To my knowledge, we were the only family in Rosemont with a Cub Cadet 105 10 hp hydrostatic with chains, wheel weights and a snowblower, bought from HC Summers(Jefferson) in 1968. I removed snow for my neighbors, mostly for free. (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunsw... current
  • 19:2619:26, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,566 N File:B&O Roundhouse Final Days 1995.jpgThe empty, decaying roundhouse in its final days in 1995. Despite a thousand signatures on a petition to save it, the CSX moved forward to demolish it in 1996. It was a sad day in Brunswick to all who worked there and remember it fondly. Susan Alexander My father, Floyd Waters, worked on the B&O Railroad. One day he took me down to the roundhouse (We lived on Walnut Street) and I got to see an engine being turned around. What a wonderful sight. I wish it was still there. So much history. Te... current
  • 19:2119:21, 31 March 2024 diff hist +213 N File:B&O Roundhouse and Turntable 1995.jpgThe turntable covered in snow and cordoned off in its final days in 1995. (From the Lee B. Smith Collection courtesy of the City of Brunswick MD History Commission) Category: Smoketown Railroad current
  • 19:1619:16, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,772 N File:Medora Brady.jpegMrs. Medora Elgin Brady posed for Mr. Kaplon in her beautiful fur coat, hat and gloves sometime in the 1970s. She was active in the community and celebrated on her 90th birthday by the Merryland Tract Homemaker's Club on March 27, 1976. She had been a 30-year member at the time. She owned an antique store at the intersection of Routes 180 and 79 and also sold antiques from her home. Randy George Her parents built the Elgin Hotel in Brunswick in the 1890’s.They also owned a General Merchandi... current
  • 19:0719:07, 31 March 2024 diff hist +832 N File:High's Mary Ann Wyncoop.pngThis was store manager Mary Ann Wyncoop behind the counter at High's in the early '70s. The High's store, which opened around that time was not only the first convenience store chain to open in Brunswick, it was planned to have been part of the new shopping center built on the corner of Souder Road and N. Maple Avenue. The shopping center wasn't fully built out until 1987. For years, High's and the service station were the only businesses at that location. A lot of us kids went there for th... current
  • 18:5918:59, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,081 N File:C.F. Wenner Mill Wayside Marker Dedication.jpegThis was the ribbon cutting dedicating a National Park Service wayside marker to commemorate Charles Fenton's Wenner's 19th Century mill at Lock 30 on the towpath. The dedication took place in June, 2005. In the photo from left are George Lewis, 2 unidentified park rangers, Judge William W. Wenner (great grandson of C.F. Wenner), Lila Wenner and Jacquelyn Ebersole. Mr. Lewis and Ms. Ebersole were members of the Brunswick Regional Planning Committee. The mill's strategic location made it a cen... current
  • 18:5618:56, 31 March 2024 diff hist +411 N File:Shady Lane Easter.JPGA lovely mid-'70s Easter Sunday photo from Shady Lane in Petersville. In the photo are: Front row (L-R): Ricky Cooper, Mike Jackson, Leslie Barnes, Melissa Barnes and Amber Dykes 2nd row (L-R): Fay Scott, Velva Cooper, Karen Lipscomb, Cindy Jackson (we had matching hats) Back row: Jeffrey Ramey (Myer Kaplon photo courtesy of Velva Cooper) Category: Smoketown African American Heritage current

17 March 2024

  • 21:3821:38, 17 March 2024 diff hist +847 N File:Cub Scouts 1940s.jpgWhile unfortunately blurry, this photo shows Brunswick's Cub Scout Troop posing on the old tank in Veterans Park. We think the graffiti was there as late as the 1970s. No idea what it means. We can't confirm, but the photo may date to the early- to mid-1940s along with others in this collection. Rebecah Staup Daggett Great memories. 1970’s A Street Gang. We had one word - “Patton”. Chris Weitzel Karl Marcy Anders Metzgar we played on and in that tank every day. Steve Moore Had a lot of fun... current
  • 21:2521:25, 17 March 2024 diff hist +1,285 N File:City Hall Metal Drive WWII.jpgThe notation on the back of this photo was "World War II Metal Collection: City Hall - A Street". Items like these were donated for the war effort as part of the "Salvage for Victory" program that was launched on January 10, 1942. Citizens scoured their homes, farms and businesses for metal. Housewives donated pots and pans, farmers turned in farm equipment and children even sacrificed metal toys. Unfortunately, only 25% of the iron work collected was used for munitions and by 1944, much of... current
  • 21:2021:20, 17 March 2024 diff hist +543 N File:Brunswick Community Band Circa 1915.jpgThe Brunswick Community Band, circa 1915. Town bands were once commonplace, and many small towns in our region had one. The trombone player on the bottom left is reportedly Grover "Tops" Stewart. Third row back and second from the right holding a trumpet is Frank A. Barker. Charles Booth is believed to have been the last man on the top row holding his tuba. (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick, Maryland History Commission; information from "Images of America: Brunswick" by Mary H. Rubin... current
  • 21:1421:14, 17 March 2024 diff hist +326 N File:Amber Dykes Fashion Contest.jpgBrunswick High's Amber Dykes won fourth place in a statewide clothing design contest in 1987. Amber went on the work wardrobe for Tyler Perry and other prominent entertainers. The Brunswick Citizen, January 22, 1987. (Clipping courtesy of City of Brunswick MD History Commission) Category: Smoketown Kids current
  • 21:0321:03, 17 March 2024 diff hist +1,537 N File:1924 Flood Aerial View Virginia Side.jpgThis early aviation aerial photo shows the raging Potomac River leaving its banks on the Virginia side of the old bridge. When this photo was taken in May, 1924, the bridge had been ordered closed to all traffic heading to and from Brunswick, which was obviously the right call as it was under deep water. At the approach, we see the old bridge tollhouse on the left that was destroyed by the historic flood of 1936. The section closest to the bridge access ramp was demolished in 1955 when the n... current
  • 20:5920:59, 17 March 2024 diff hist +736 N File:Eastbound Classification Yard 1975.JPGA serene view of the Eastbound Yard in New Addition exists happily in many of our memories. Michael Campbell That is the Classification Yard. If you zoom in, you can see the power poles. They separated the even and odd numbered tracks. The even are where the coal cars are and the odd are the mixed freight cars. Ed Hartman I lived along the the Washington Branch and could lay in my bed and see in the cab of the Engine as it passed. Could also the conductor sitting in the caboose I was always... current
  • 20:5620:56, 17 March 2024 diff hist +252 N File:Rt. 180 Little Catoctin Creek.jpegHere's a Winter rural scene of Little Catoctin Creek off Rts. 180 and 17 near Brunswick. (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown In and Around current
  • 20:5020:50, 17 March 2024 diff hist +420 N File:Garland Grams and Jean.JPGGarland Grams is shown posing with his daughter Jean in front of a beautiful 1954 Buick Roadmaster. We assume that Mr. Grams got a good deal on the car since he sold Buicks at his service station located on Petersville Road. The photo was taken when the Grams family lived near the Farmers Picnic Woods between the Lutmans and the Mains. (Photo courtesy of John Brubaker) Category: Smoketown People current
  • 20:4720:47, 17 March 2024 diff hist +569 N File:Mary Lou Walker.JPGMary Lou Walker delivers a duckpin ball at the old Brunswick Bowling Center on 620 Souder Road in the 1960s. From all reports, Mary Lou was an excellent Tuesday Night league bowler. Janet Roudabousch Biser I would say that Mary Lou was probably the best lady bowler at the Brunswick alley. She was a great bowler. Judy Ware She was one of Brunswick's great bowlers. Anna Rentzel Wow, that brings back a lot of memories, we had a lot of fun in those days. She was hard to beat!!!! (Photo court... current
  • 18:1718:17, 17 March 2024 diff hist +457 N File:Potomac River Bridge in Snow.JPGWe've seen several photos of the old 1893 bridge looking towards Brunswick, but this snowy view seems rare. No current member of the Brunswick History Commission had seen it before. With the houses on N. Dayton Avenue in view above the old West End Elementary School that were built in 1920, this photo likely dates to the decade of the Roaring '20s. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Harsh Baker) Category: Smoketown Potomac River and C&O Canal current
  • 18:1318:13, 17 March 2024 diff hist +568 N File:1924 Flood Tollhouse on Virginia Side.jpegThis photo shows the toll gates on the Virginia side of the old Brunswick bridge. The tollgate was in use until October 15th, 1934, when the road became part of the Maryland State Road System and became toll free. This image was taken when the May 14th, 1924 floodwaters came right up to the toll gate. The toll house was torn down when the new bridge was completed in 1955. (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick, Maryland History Commission; Info excerpted from “Images of America: Brunswick”... current
  • 18:0818:08, 17 March 2024 diff hist +1,319 File:Baggage Cart 1961.jpgNo edit summary current
  • 18:0118:01, 17 March 2024 diff hist +436 N File:West End Receiving Yard Demolition 1989.jpgDespite the sad circumstances, this is a nice perspective looking toward Weverton Cliffs as the west end of the receiving yard at Knoxville was being dismantled in 1989. The piles of rails were almost surreal. The small pile in the front are angle bars used to connect sections of rail together. (From the Lee B. Smith Collection courtesy of the City of Brunswick MD History Commission) Category: Smoketown Railroad current
  • 17:5817:58, 17 March 2024 diff hist +403 N File:Car Yard Demolition 1.jpgHere's another sad shot of the Brunswick car yard demolition in 1989. The blue building next to the track is the lumber shed. To the extreme left, you can see the remains of the hump and piles of rails. Beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains toward the gap. (From the Lee B. Smith Collection courtesy of the City of Brunswick MD History Commission) Category: Smoketown Railroad current
  • 17:5417:54, 17 March 2024 diff hist +781 File:Building in the 200 Block of West Potomac Street, destroyed by fire.jpgNo edit summary current
  • 17:5117:51, 17 March 2024 diff hist +831 N File:1920px-Building in the 200 Block of West Potomac Street, destroyed by fire.jpgThis old building in the 200 Block of West Potomac Street was then home to the A. Hemp Jr. Meat & Grocery Store and MacKenzie's Ice Cream Parlor in the early 20th Century. The folks posing in front of Hemp's are from left, Charles Bowers, Abe Hemp, unknown. Outside MacKenzie's were Paul MacKenzie, future confectionary owner Betz Mills and his brother Howard. Note the dirt street. We believe that the photo dates to the early 1900s since the Mills brothers were born in the 1890s. The building... current

16 March 2024

  • 15:1715:17, 16 March 2024 diff hist +667 N File:East End School Miss Carter Early 50s.jpegMiss Carter's class at the old East End Elementary School in the early 1950s. It would be BHS Class of 1957. Thanks to Jackie Ebersole for identifying most of the kids: Front row - Janet Anderson, Doreen Brubaker, Glenda Clark, Patsy Thompson, Loberta Bryan, Bonnie Hobson, Rosiland Stone, Shirley MaGaha Second row - Lee Ridgeway, Phillip.Cloby, Lyman Cunningham, David McIntosh, Donnie Hollar, Ray Dockery, Gary Free Third Row - Wayne Arnold, Lanny Harrington ? , Wayne Carter, Ken Jones, Mar... current

19 February 2024

  • 20:0020:00, 19 February 2024 diff hist +1,676 N File:Bill Peer & Melody Boys & Girls with Patsy Cline.jpgBill Peer and the Melody Boys and Girls, circa 1954. Bill Peer is standing on the left holding his guitar. Future country music legend Patsy Cline is seated 3rd from left. Patsy (nee Virginia Hensley) joined the band after an audition at the Brunswick Moose lodge on September 27, 1952 after an audition. Bill hired her on the spot and convinced her to change her name to "Patsy", which was short for her middle name Patterson. She married Gerald Cline in December, 1952. Patsy Cline was a membe... current
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