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19 February 2024

  • 19:0019:00, 19 February 2024 diff hist +1,676 N File:Bill Peer & Melody Boys & Girls with Patsy Cline.jpgBill Peer and the Melody Boys and Girls, circa 1954. Bill Peer is standing on the left holding his guitar. Future country music legend Patsy Cline is seated 3rd from left. Patsy (nee Virginia Hensley) joined the band after an audition at the Brunswick Moose lodge on September 27, 1952 after an audition. Bill hired her on the spot and convinced her to change her name to "Patsy", which was short for her middle name Patterson. She married Gerald Cline in December, 1952. Patsy Cline was a membe... current
  • 18:5618:56, 19 February 2024 diff hist +757 N File:Reed Canal Boat.jpgHere we see the Reed, a canal boat that was typical in the late 19th Century. African Americans worked as deck hands on canal boats, but were banned from owning their own until after the Civil War. There were black boat captains during the 1870s. By the final years of the canal, however, only one African American canal boat family was still listed. Once boatbuilder Canal Towage began supplying the canal boats, the days of each boat having a unique name like the Reed faded into the past. Inst... current
  • 18:5418:54, 19 February 2024 diff hist +2,404 N File:Victor-Kaplon-and-Family.jpgThis formal photo shows a prosperous young Kaplon family, circa 1895. From left (we believe) are daughter Fanny, wife Ida, daughters Annie and Elizabeth (sitting), sons Myer and Abraham or Amos. Victor Kaplon escaped from Russia with his brother on a ship hidden under a load of hay and came to America in the 1880s. He started as a peddler carrying his pack, a walking department store, selling his wares in Virginia and Washington County, Maryland. Eventually, Victor and family owned and oper... current
  • 18:5118:51, 19 February 2024 diff hist +339 N File:Christmas Tree A Street Veterans Pk.jpgLighted Christmas tree at night in Veteran's Memorial Park on A Street where there has long been a Christmas display of some kind. We believe this was taken sometime in the 1950s. (From the Myer Kaplon Photo Collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown Christmas current

18 February 2024

  • 20:0920:09, 18 February 2024 diff hist +451 N File:Sports Awards Old Fire Hall.pngThis photo, which we guess was taken in the late-1950s, shows a young man at a podium at the old fire hall with several sports trophies to be awarded. The men in the audience are believed to be Bob Derflinger and Bob Grams, sports cartoonist for the Baltimore News American. (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown Parades and Celebrations current
  • 20:0520:05, 18 February 2024 diff hist +426 N File:Basketball Boys Old High School Gym.jpegA basketball game at the old high school gym on 4th Avenue in late 1950s. Jenifer Kidwell Looks a lot like Tony Walker behind the player going up for the tip off. Nancy Ferrell Piper #9 Bobby Mullins? Jennifer I agree on your Dad (Tony Walker) and jumper John Good? (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown Sports current
  • 20:0120:01, 18 February 2024 diff hist +1,129 N File:Souder & Chick Dairy Milk Bottle Processing.jpegHere's a scene of milk bottles being processed at the old Souder & Chick Dairy on Brunswick Street. These bottles were delivered directly to the doors of people in and around Brunswick. Alice Wiles My dad delivered Milk for them. Loved the chocolate milk in glass bottles. Garland Young I remember as an elementary student we were given a tour of the dairy and how it operated. Richard Bowers My grandparents (Paul & Viola Koogle) lived across from the dairy. We would go over and watch the b... current
  • 19:5519:55, 18 February 2024 diff hist +335 N File:Mr. & Mrs. Charles Magalis.jpegThe library identified the folks in this lovely portrait as Mr. and Mrs. Charles Magalis. Showing off a new grandchild perhaps? The photo appears to have been taken in the 1950s. (From the Myer Kaplon photo collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown People current
  • 19:4919:49, 18 February 2024 diff hist +547 File:Frozen River 1985.JPG→‎Summary current
  • 19:4519:45, 18 February 2024 diff hist +209 N File:Frozen River 1985.JPGThis dramatic photo shows a frozen Potomac River on January 24, 1985. (Photo courtesy of the City of Brunswick, Maryland History Commission) Category: Smoketown Potomac River and C&O Canal
  • 19:4319:43, 18 February 2024 diff hist +206 File:Class of 1952 - BHS Students.jpgNo edit summary current
  • 19:3919:39, 18 February 2024 diff hist +477 N File:East End School 1930s class photo.jpegA 1930s photo of students at the old East Brunswick Elementary School. We believe Teeny Wenner (Phillips) was seated 3rd from right in the front row. Gloria Moore Crowl: "Teacher could possibly be my Aunt Frances Moore Burgee, depending on the year. I know she taught Third Grade." Patricia Marsh Patricia and Joan Brengle 3rd and 4th from left in front row. (Photo courtesy of Marsha Sutfin from the Teeny Phillips Collection) Category: Smoketown Schools current
  • 19:3619:36, 18 February 2024 diff hist +1,051 N File:Snowy Westbound Yard 1960.jpegThis Winter view of a largely inactive westbound yard was part of a 1960 article titled "Brunswick on the Rebound". While ironic in retrospect 64 years later, it was in many ways prescient. At the time, the U.S. economy was in recession and the westbound hump operations had been moved to Cumberland. Yet some furloughed car repair workers expected to be recalled as snowy conditions created extra maintenance jobs. Mayor James Cummings and Bank of Brunswick executive Emory Frye were optimistic... current
  • 19:3319:33, 18 February 2024 diff hist +1,441 N File:Point of Rock Original Station.JPGThis photo, which may date to the 1890s or early 20th Century, shows the original train station in Point of Rocks that serviced the old mainline trains. Art Reid believes the location was "down towards the current park where the other houses and businesses were located track side." We don't know when this station opened, but according to the B&O Railroad timeline, the line reached Point of Rocks in April, 1832. Matt Watson documented that The Eli Mercier flour mill visible on the left was lis... current
  • 19:2719:27, 18 February 2024 diff hist +207 N File:English Bell Choir.jpgThe English Hand Bell Choir performed at the New York Hill Methodist Church in the Christmas season, circa 1964. (Blade-Times clipping courtesy of Kim Myers) Category: Smoketown Christmas current
  • 19:2519:25, 18 February 2024 diff hist +520 N File:Brunswick Boys Sledding.JPGSome Brunswick boys get set to sled down the hill between the old Harrington shoe shop and Hudson Row off W. Potomac Street, circa 1966. From left are Phil Lowery, Jackie Minnick, Terry Staubs, Junior Lowery and Bobby Conner. To try to date the photo, this was between the time the grocery store closed and the Berlin Restaurant opened in the old Mace Building where King's Pizza is today. (Blade-Times Clipping courtesy of the City of Brunswick Maryland History Commission) [[Category: Smoketo... current
  • 19:2219:22, 18 February 2024 diff hist −5 File:Sonny Cannon's dances at the old Fire Hall.jpg→‎Summary current
  • 19:0419:04, 18 February 2024 diff hist +1,005 N File:Guy Lombardo Sonny Cannon.jpgAt one of his many appearances with The Royal Canadiens at the ballroom above the old Brunswick fire hall on W. Potomac Street, bandleader Guy Lombardo (right) poses with (from left) Fire Chief H.E. "Sonny" Cannon, Brunswick City Councilwoman Nellie Roby and business leader Harry Nicholson. Lombardo and the band played at least seven Easter Sundays in a row in the 1950s and '60s, according to Cannon in a 1967 Washington Post interview. According to Wayne Smith: "I'm not really sure of the ye... current

29 January 2024

28 December 2023

  • 17:5617:56, 28 December 2023 diff hist +2,156 N File:Mar-lu-ridge chapel.jpgThe Salem-on-the-Mountain Chapel at Mar-Lu-Ridge with its renowned view of the Potomac River and valley below. BHS alumni fondly remember weeklong excursions to the camp as part of Mr. Frank Mullen's 8th grade science curriculum. Mar-Lu-Ridge was founded in 1959 as the Outdoor Ministry of the Maryland Synod of the Lutheran Church. The initial construction efforts included a lodge for dining and four cabins the first year that summer camp was held. In 1962, the chapel was constructed and in 1... current

11 December 2023

7 December 2023

21 November 2023

  • 18:0218:02, 21 November 2023 diff hist +513 N File:BHS Girls 1940s.jpegHere's a mid-1940s era photo of a group of Brunswick High School girls from a mixture of classes at the old high school. The location appears to have been the back door of the old gymnasium. Note the girls in the middle row holding hands. The following have been identified: Front row: ?, Jacqueline Moler, Beverly Langley, Teeny Wenner Middle Row: Mickey Woods, ?, Roma Cummings, Betty Beatty Back row: Unknown (Photo courtesy of Teeny Phillips via Marsha Sutfin) Category: Smoketown Schools current
  • 17:5017:50, 21 November 2023 diff hist +508 N File:New York Hill Stewart House.jpgThis photo shows the William Stewart home at 108 9th Avenue, circa 1900. Note the fancy woodwork on the porch. Posing in the front yard were LeRoy Stewart, his mother, and Bess the horse. Bess was used both for gardening and riding. The house is still there, but the windows have been altered over the years. The woodwork is still visible and porch looks largely the same. (Photo from "Brunswick: 100 Years of Memories" by the Brunswick History Commission) Category: Smoketown Beginnings current
  • 17:4817:48, 21 November 2023 diff hist +279 N File:The Gut 1912.JPGA photo of "The Gut" in 1912. This inlet of the Potomac River has long been a recreation area for boaters in the Summer and ice skaters in the Winter. (Photo by F.M. Stone courtesy of Jeff Pearl and Discover Lovettsville) Smoketown Potomac River and C&O Canal current
  • 17:4517:45, 21 November 2023 diff hist +351 N File:Mayor presents award.jpgIn this mid-1950s photo, Mayor Jim Cummings chats with a well-dressed young woman after some kind of award presentation. Sadly, we have no idea what the ceremony was about. (From the Myer Kaplon Photo Collection at the Brunswick Community Library; Frederick County Public Libraries) Category: Smoketown Politics and Public Works current
  • 17:4217:42, 21 November 2023 diff hist +496 N File:C&O Canal at Lock 30 looking westward.jpgTwo boats approaching Lock 30 from downstream on the C&O canal. See the water gap sitting majestically as you look westward. This image shows "mule power", as you see a mule and driver on the left pulling the first boat on the towpath. The railroad tracks are somewhere to the right. It's difficult to know the date of the photo. Possibly late 19th century? (Photo courtesy of C&O Canal National Historical Park Headquarters) Category: Smoketown Potomac River and C&O Canal current
  • 16:3916:39, 21 November 2023 diff hist +729 N File:Students 1959-60 3rd Grade Class.jpgThis BES class picture was of the 1959-60 3rd Grade class of what became the BHS Class of 1970. Top Row: Robin Foster, Jimmy McKnight, Kathy Lerch, Randy Corum, Kathy Hale, Alan Robertson 2nd Row: John Moore, Linda Wood, Harry Warnick, Diane Werking, Michael Carter, Dianne Ault, Donald Conner, George Hoffman 3rd Row: Nancy Gibbons, Randy Corum (he's in twice!), Debbie Care, Steve Slifer, Harold Tomlin, Mike Deener, Debbie Wetzel, Mark Brawner 4th Row: Sharon Mann, Vicki Hawes, Ronald Oden?,... current
  • 16:3816:38, 21 November 2023 diff hist +725 N File:Students 1955-56 3rd Grade Class.jpgMrs. Lillian Cain's 3rd grade class from 1955-56. This is part of the BHS Class of 1965, the final graduation class at the old high school on 4th Avenue. Pictured here are: Top row..Linda Ridgeway, David Mohler, Barbara Gaither, Edward Racey, Shirley Grams, Dale Edwards, Ann Roelke Second row...Tom Waters, Sandra Jones, Webb Blessley, Floyd Harbert, Malinda Merriman, Charles Hedges Third row…Christina Bloom, Barry Cannon, Ernestine Burch, Linda Tritapoe, Carol Ann Boyer, Donna Wetnight, Sh... current
  • 16:3416:34, 21 November 2023 diff hist +183 N File:Oil Storage House.jpgThis was the oil storage house. Locomotives required a lot of heavy oil. (Photo courtesy of the B&O Museum courtesy of David McIntosh) Category: Smoketown Railroad current

20 November 2023

  • 20:0220:02, 20 November 2023 diff hist +527 N File:Civil Air Patrol Bill Care.jpgBill Care and his Luscombe aircraft sometime in the 1950s. In the 1950s and '60s, he was one of several citizen pilots who took off and landed from the small airfield near the campgrounds in Brunswick. He was active in the Civil Air Patrol. Bill Care owned and operated an Amoco filling station and garage on Petersville Road where Jerry's Liquors is today, was a conductor on the B&O Railroad and served in World War II? (Photo courtesy of Richard Care and Norm Cornelius) [[Category:Smoketown... current
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